Our Mission


“Our work is dedicated to your awakening. To living out your own, personal legend. Having it all requires action. It means leaning into your fears and trusting the unknown.That’s where you find the magic. You can have the life you dream of and we aim to show you how.”

Digital and Live Programs Designed To Enhance Your Life Dramatically!

We set out to create programs and curriculums to alter the state of the way you experience yourself, life, and your ability to create and manifest any of your heart’s desires.  Even those that live well beyond your current ability to imagine.



Deep dive into your daily habits and come out with new ways to set yourself up for success with simple daily routines that increase your learning aptitude, create a sense of inner peace, and better align your body for health.  These simple techniques anyone can do to enhance their quality of life quickly.

Investment: $97



Multiply your awareness and learn the deep secrets of the mind’s function.  Learn how to “hack” your system to throw away old unwanted programming and begin creating the life of your dreams by getting your psychology working for you instead of against you.

Investment: $297



We want more abundance in our lives, however, so few ever really experience the joy of letting it into their lives.  In this re-programming, we offer a deep look into your inner subconscious and help you master the process to let go of all attachments that are holding you back from attracting the level of wealth you deserve.

Investment: $297


16 Hours of intensive personal alignment coaching that is sure to radically change your perception of life and the world.  Our HAVE IT ALL LIVE experience is like no other experience that you’ve ever had. Our clients and students are literally moved to tears by how rapidly their lives shift and at the rate in which they begin creating accelerated results, learning, and self-love.

Investment: $497

Our Personal Development Is Personal. Imagine That?

Our programs are designed to take you through a deep process of personal inquiry.  They are designed to help you transcend understanding alone and instead inspire you into experiences that lead to true and lasting wisdom. 

These programs are ontological in nature, meaning that they actually “work on you” versus you having to “work on them”.  Once you remember these truths and put on these new lenses, you will literally be called into transformation with ease and effortlessness.

Our programs are guaranteed to completely transform the quality of your life — for life.  We know that’s a bold claim and we intend to live up and surpass your expectations of what is possible.

Set Your Foundation

The Collective Membership

This is not your ordinary education, because we’re not committed to you having an ordinary life! We’re committed to excellence, grace, and ease.

Think of THE COLLECTIVE as a having access to a personal development and motivational mentor who you might see on big stages a few times a year as accessible to you as the phone in your pocket.

We believe that anyone can transform their lives and it’s our honor to make these types of transformative inducing experiences available to anyone who seeks to learn and grow into their highest self quickly.

Investment: $19 Per Month or $99 Per Year

The Academy

Get access to everything and go “All In” on your personal development journey while saving tons of money in the process.  We’ve done the unthinkable and added tens of thousands of dollars in personal development education and bundled it into this affordable membership community.

The Academy includes all our digital home programs as well as twice a month live training via The Collective calls.  Annual members also get access to exclusive content that we’ve kept in our secret vault until now.

This is by far the best deal we will ever offer and we can’t guarantee that we’ll keep the prices this low.

Investment: $499 Lifetime Membership

Cutting Edge Transformative Technology


The biggest deep-dive into your personal growth begins here. Over the course of 100 days, you will uncover some of your deepest ingrained psychological and emotional blocks and behaviors have run your life.  You will learn how to allow them to finally release from holding back from achieving your potential and all that you desire to create and manifest.

This program is composed of seven group coaching calls, seven one-on-one coaching calls, and an online coaching series hosted by Guy and Ilan Ferdman.

Investment: $3,600 

(payment plans available upon request)


Become the master of your fate, the captain of your soul.  This is our advanced, year-long program covering four main areas: Finances, Relationships, Health, and Spirituality. Every quarter is a deep dive on one topic with the goal of helping you MASTER that area of your life.

This program is composed of two monthly group coaching calls led directly by Guy and Ilan Ferdman, and two monthly one-on-one coaching calls with a Satori Prime certified coach.

Prerequisite Course: 100 Day Masterclass

Investment: $1,500 Per Month

Coaching Organizations From Inside Out

We specialize in creating curated custom experiences for your inner circle or your organization at large.  We’ve training thousands of people all over the world in unleashing their inner power to create a more sustainable and productive environment for both executive teams and employees.

Our presentations are engaging, eye-opening, and have been responsible for a drastic increase in organization morale, communication effectiveness, stark productivity spikes, and to be honest –massively transformational experience for all parties present.

We look at what your organization would benefit from most and custom deliver a message or training that resonates with your particular audience.

Private Executive Training

If intimate training is what you seek, then we come and work directly with your executive team on how to be more effective in every area of their lives.  Our experience shows management has an unimaginable effect on overall company culture and productivity.



“I seriously love Ilan and Guy. Their bigger picture feminine perspective offers me balance and reminds me to stay connected to truth. Difficult to put into words how awesome these two and this community is.”

Kym S.

Life Coach and Healder, Self Employed

“These guys just say it how it is. Period. They’re not afraid to bring back faith and belief into ourselves, others and the Universe/God/Spaghetti Monster/ whatever you need to call it to make you happy. And they’re hilarious about it all too! Always fun listening in on their insights. They seriously just want us to be awesome and want to give us the tools to do so. Thanks for being exactly who you are gentlemen so that we can do the same!! You’re changing the world!”

Anthony C.

Online Reviewer, Father & Husband

“Most loving, authentic and real place you will ever find! If you want it straight and without “the fluff” you come to the right place. More expansion and creation then I have ever experienced with any other program I have done! I Love it.”

Isabella L.

Lifestyle to Chill, Founder

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