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Welcome to THE COLLECTIVE by Satori Prime – a unique group of people that crave knowledge, seek unconventional wisdom, that are fed up with a mundane way of living. If you’re someone that deeply desires to have more abundance, optimal health, extraordinary relationships, living with purpose, aligning with your truth, and confidently loving the person that you are, then get ready to HAVE IT ALL.

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Don’t be deceived by the $9 price point, the value we are dedicated to providing you with is priceless.

What is the Collective by Satori prime?

It’s an immersive personal development program backed by an incredible community. Our teachings combine neuroscience, leadership training, psychology, spirituality, and more from our 17+ years of education & personal coaching experience.

Let’s be real, You’re worth at least $9

For the cost of two almond milk, double cappuccinos, you can transform your life so hard that you’ll be ordering chamomile tea all day. “Invest in yourself, not Starbucks™“, said Ghandi if he was here today.


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Attain a wisdom of your own discovery and design, because no two people operate the same way. As you connect deeper to yourself through our coaching, these truths become self evident and inspire action that opens up new opportunities in your life to drastically improve it.

Whatever it is that you CRAVE to have more of in your life, The Collective can help you get there. The relationship of your dreams, more freedom, true abundance, optimal health, self-love, business growth, confidence building, deeper spiritual practice, mindful parenting, and more are some of topics we dive into with great depth.

Can you imagine how one big breakthrough in any single area of your life can radically transform the rest of your future? 

What people are saying

Traveling all over the world is awesome and the Porsche is a nice perk too. But what we really measure the success of our business by is the number of messages we get from people about how much their lives have changed as a result of working with us.

If you are someone who wants to have…

  • More money without adding more hours or struggle
  • A fulfilling, romantic relationship
  • More confidence
  • Clarity on accessing your own inner guidance
  • Less struggle with raising kids
  • More fun, laughter, and playfulness in your life
  • An effortless, supportive marriage
  • Less fear to hold you back
  • Business growth without spending more dollars
  • Excellent physical health
  • Work-life balance
  • Deeper spiritual connection
  • More time to spend with your family
  • Meaningful friendships with like-minded people
  • Freedom from life traumas or experiences
  • More peace, less stress, and anxiety
  • Better communication that creates easier relationships

Then The collective is perfect for you

Only $9/month. 100% Risk-Free. Cancel anytime.

Guy and Ilan Ferdman are blood-brothers and the founders of Satori Prime. They have a combined over 30+ years of personal coaching experience having worked with tens of thousands of people and organizations all over the world.  Their unique style and teachings are at the cutting edge of personal development and human potential.

From Our members

We’re here to help you serve your highest self and absorb as much wisdom as possible.

“Coop and I loved #TheCollective call today! 
We’re in a season of abundance, but have been having trouble actually accepting that abundance into our lives. Seems strange, I know. Thankful for a different view point and being able to surrender to the good in our lives!

Love what these guys are doing!”

Sam M.

Chiropractor, South Carolina

“One thing that had me laughing was when Guy said when we judge ourselves, we then judge ourselves about judging ourselves. I laughed because it happens to me all of the time. I have a certain awareness now. When I do things out of anger, I get mad because I got mad lol. I’ll learn to accept it all though. There were so many great points to the conversation.”

Kevin B.


“Just watched the replay of the last session in The Collective. I had such a strong gut reaction as Guy explained the difference between choices and decisions in our lives. Have tried to be superconscious of trying to be in the present moment. There’s a lot of work for me to do, but feel privileged to have access to the guidance and reinforcement in The Collective.”

Anthony M.

Marketing Consultant, South Australia

“It has only been a few weeks since I heard this sentence from Guy in #TheCollective and my relationships are turning 180 degrees , phenomenal stuff… So grateful for the effortlessness in allowing magic to show up in my life. Grateful we crossed paths Ferdman family. You are much appreciated.”

Fatma Z.

Entrepreneur, United Kingdom

Are you ready to live better in every way possible?

Think about the greatest learning moments of your life.  Recall that almost everything that sticks and makes a difference in the quality of our lives happens in an immersive experiential atmosphere.

Like studying a new language, the quickest way to speak it fluently is to get immersed into the actual culture.  Studies suggest most people can tackle a new language in roughly 4 to 6 months this way versus years of studying in school and mechanically attempting to sound out words or reach the nirvana of perfect grammar.

The environment of a new country, culture, and community create the prime resources required for your brain, body, and mannerism to naturally mirror and reflect that of any culture.

Fact: Humans are adept at being adaptable.

In the same token; learning about yourself and making the deep transformative changes that many seek is made much more difficult when you go at it alone and don’t have a reliable community which can naturally reflect and mirror new paradigms and ways of operating.

In the Satori Prime COLLECTIVE we connect our incubator community with the power of paradigm shifting human tech and assist you in creating circumstances which lead to “as lived-as felt” experiences.

This way your transformation is happening within and we also show you how to apply it ‘on the court’ so you can see the transformation actively changing the very fabric of your perceived reality.

It has taken us over 30 collective years and nearly one million dollars to have experiences and create a reliable recipe for hyperspeed transformational experiences which last for a lifetime and massively impact the quality of lives all over the world.

It is not enough to simply understand with your mind, we’ve all done this for years.  If you quickly reflect on this and you may notice that intelligence alone has not been enough to truly give us the satisfaction, peace, self-expression, power, well-being, and freedom that many seek within ourselves.

There is something more that we MUST discover and remember within ourselves to take that knowledge and turn it into something much more important  — WISDOM!

Our aim is to help you remember your path to a naturally unfolding wisdom.

A wisdom of your own discovery and design, because no two people operate the same way or aspire to be exactly the same thing.

As you connect deeper to yourself, these truths become self evident, inspire us to take action, and the challenges of life truly become the opportunities to be in alignment with ourselves.

The person we always imagined ourselves to be comes forward and we realize that we found courage that few had to explore our own humanity so deeply.

Welcome my dear “fringe dweller” to your new home.

Welcome to The Collective!

$9/Month. 100% Risk-Free. Cancel Anytime.

"So I had a couple of aha moments during the Live Coaching Call yesterday, and #THECOLLECTIVE call today surrounding something I have been pissed off about for quite some time...I am feeling strong today. And relief. And self love and acceptance."

Melissa S.

Realtor, Michigan

"Awesome call in #thecollective today! Guy - you were on 🔥🔥👏 sheesh! I have a project that has been rolling around my head that I've been stunting because of my justifications as to why I should do it. I can feel that a lot of growth will come from it and I have finally made some headway with this!"

Karena T.

Self Employed, Sydney, AUS

"Just finished watching last call for #thecollective and had some great insights about relationships and empowering yourself (rather than giving your power away). Also had a mind opening moment during the questions. Boom! Something really clicked into place there!"

Linda B.

Pruvit Consultant, Gold Coast, AUS

"Reflecting on yesterday's collective webinar - was a paradigm shift for me. I used that new perspective with a current challenging situation. I saw I was showing up and behaving self righteous/entitled, Ouch, yuk, not who I want to be. When I take ownership of this and allow myself to feel that behaviour I feel ashamed, sad. Sitting with this and allowing it to process and integrate. Now I can choose differently."

Kym S.

Self Employed, Sydney, AUS

The 100% Risk Free Guarantee.


If you’re not happy, we’re not happy! We’re here to serve your highest self. Period.


Obviously, if you don’t work this course, then this course won’t work for you! So apply what you learn and you’ll see dramatic results in the areas of your life that you care most about.

Your openness and coachability are two key factors in the success of what we’ll expose you to here and the opportunity that these breakthrough methodologies potentially have on the direction of your life.

It’s taken us 17+ consecutive years to not just understand, but to also fully embody these lessons in order for us to teach you from a place of integrity, personal experience, mastery of study, and proven results with thousands of students worldwide.

Having said that, if for any reason during the first 30-days feel that this program did not exceed your expectations you are more then welcome to ask for a full refund and we’ll happily comply.

Your results are our #1 goal and we believe that our programs over-deliver value in every possible way. As the cliche goes what you put in is what you get out, this is as true here as anywhere else.

While we can show you the door, we can’t make you walk through.  We believe a great teacher shows you where to look, and does not tell you what to see.  We aim to provide a lot of insight and the choice to take action on any area of life that is important to you is always yours.

Cancel your membership to the collective at any time.


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