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Here’s what you’ll learn during the live Q&A webinar:


How To Quantum Shift Your Inner and Outer Reality With Ease

Get a first-hand experience of how quantum shifts can rapidly occur in your life by making micro-shifts in your perception and energy field. It’s much easier to focus on the next inch, than on the next mile.  When you accumulate these small awareness abilities and apply it to life things transform naturally.


Discover an Evolved Form of Communication and Mindset Models

Discover a new MINDSET that will give you access to taking new inspired ACTION to create incredible, positive RESULTS that will likely be well beyond what you imagined possible in a very short window of time. This paradigm shift is at the heart of being able to transform anything at anytime.


Cutting Edge Techniques to Align, Recalibrate, and Integrate New Feelings and Actions

You’ll learn cutting-edge TECHNIQUES we seldom teach publicly and often reserve only for our $100,000+ / year clients to assist them in actively upgrading their results quickly!

Your Hosts Guy & Ilan Ferdman

Guy and Ilan Ferdman have a combined over 34+ years of personal coaching experience having worked with tens of thousands of people and organizations all over the world.  Their unique style and teachings are at the cutting edge of personal development and human potential.

Guy Ferdman

A modern day shaman who blends psychology, communication, and energy into useable tools that creates sysmic shifts in the lives of thousands who follow his work.

Satori Prime

The heart child of these brothers which has positively affected the lives of tens of thousands of souls all over the world.  Their imaginative ways of approaching problems and sense of humor gives access to ancient spiritual teachings in a fun and effective manner.  

Ilan Ferdman

His laser pointed effectiveness in getting to the heart of the issue and giving access to new paradigms makes him an effective leader and coach.

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“They showed me techniques on how I can harness my fear and use it for my advantage. And using those techniques, I was able to grow my business to a million dollars in 11 months. They’re genuine guys who are honest and really care.”

James Swanick

Founder of Swanick Sleep Glasses

“I do a ton of self-development work, but Ilan and Guy have a way of cutting through the noise and getting straight to the truth. It ain’t always pretty, but if you want to get through your head noise to see the truth, these are the guys to go to.”

Ryan Daniel Moran

Founder of Freedom Fast Lane &

“The best coaches are the ones who are the most coachable. Ilan and Guy are voracious learners of a diverse range of teachings. They are able to distill that knowledge into actionable guidance for their clients.”

Ari Meisel

Author and CEO of Less Doing

“Guy & Ilan Ferdman are Purely Bad Ass Beings that are extremely gifted at what they do. That is, Maximizing & Up Leveling EVERYONE & EVERYTHING they touch. They Deliver Break Through without the Bullshit & fluff to create a massive impact.”

Marci Lock

7-Figure Coach & Entrepreneur

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