Special One Time Only Event With Satori Prime’s Co-Founders

Get Your Kids To Listen, Stop Lying, Be More Grateful, Do Productive Things, & Build A Deeper Bond With You — No Matter What Their Age Is

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Keep Your Marriage And Your Kids Living In Harmony By Changing Your Parenting


We take our expertise in a combined 34 years of personal development and apply to the area of of the home as we look closely and explore how to bring less effort, greater results, and more connection to your life at home.  Our children are the direct reflection of the parts unresolved in our system.  We’ve been exploring how to use this untapped resource as a means to help us grow and create more balance and peace in the household for years.

This event is designed for:  

  • Parents or caretakers of children 0-17 years old.
  • Anyone with kids that refuse to listen, love to procrastinate, are reckless in their behavior, and/or cause tension at home or in school.
  • Those who want to nurture the relationship with their significant other that may have been affected by the challenges of raising children.
  • Those that are committed to raising more mindful, compassionate, and conscious children.
  • Parents or caretakers that are over-stressed by their kids.
  • Anyone who feels like “I can’t seem to make my kids happy.”
  • Those that deeply desire to have a loving bond and excellent communication with their kids.
  • Families that would like more harmonious relationships between siblings.
  • Those that want to have a more loving, supportive, and inspiring experience with raising their kids. 

We have a LIMITED NUMBER OF SPOTS for this event, so if you can not make it to the live event please do not register.  There is no replay planned. 

What You Can Expect From This Event

What To Do On Those Really Hard Days

You can’t be perfect and we don’t expect you to be. Neither should you — a simple shift in your perspective changes all.

Being A Highly Connected and Conscious Couple

How to make your relationship get more in flow through conscious languaging and tapping into your energy body.

How To Enrich The Experience of Life At Home

Learn how to uncover hidden maps within you to help you grow faster and connect with your family in new ways which few people have access to.

Why Are We Doing This?

We have felt for some time that this area of life is WAY under-served and deserves much attention.  Our children are not just our partners in conscious growth, they are also an extension of ourselves, the foundation for the future, and the legacy we leave behind.


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The event is coming up on June 26th at 11AM PST / 2PM EST

We’ve Got Your Back.

If you’re struggling in this area of parenting and raising kids, then this live training event is absolutely for you.  It’s Wayne Dyer that said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”  We’ve taken this to the next level and realized that “When you change the way you feel about things, the things you feel about change”.  Our work goes deep into the subconscious to help you unlock and heal old programs that are affecting you and your ability to consciously raise your children.


“I stumbled upon these amazing brothers about 2 years ago, I stayed consistent and grew exponentially.. over the past few months I’ve fell off and haven’t been as consistent as I once was, trust me my energy took a huge hit. But I recently fell pregnant and realized I needed to get back to myself and the only time in my life that I felt like my very best self was when I allowed Guy and Ilan in, so that morning I immediately opened up and began listening to the first podcast which was “don’t make parenting harder” one and man, I always knew that they knew me and what I needed when I needed it but this couldn’t have been more perfect. I look forward to continuing my journey of pregnancy and parenting with these guys in my corner, giving me the tools and confidence to continue not only being my best self, but the best possible parent I can be. I 100% recommended this podcast to anybody looking for guidance in the personal development world. I honor these men and all that they do for the community!”

“These guys are rocking it in the Personal Development field. Absolutely no fluff, just straight-up awareness, mind-bending reality checks, and their amazing gift for shining the light on the hidden programs that are running our lives. Finding Guy & Ilan’s offerings has changed my life. Thank you for the truth bombs, guys! Keep them coming!”

Over the years, I’ve skewed away from the ra-ra motivation that gets you hyped temporarily and doesn’t create lasting results. These guys are different- their knowledge is what creates real, and lasting results. They’re extremely transparent and it feels like I am getting coaching by some of the sharing that goes back and forth. Thank you guys for your commitment to your community! You give it your all and it’s received over and over again.

Your Home Can Be Your Go-To Source For Peace…Imagine That?

The Training Goes Live Soon








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